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Welcome to the Recreation Department!

Year-Round Recreation

Throughout the year, River Valley Gymnastics is active in our Town with programs for youth. Our Recreation Department also organize activities for kids during Professional Development Days throughout the school year, as well as hosting a weekly Active Adult Drop In program with activities like pickle-ball and Rocks & Rings

Summer Recreation

The Recreation Department stays busy during the summer months, organizing:

Swimming Lessons

Public Swimming



Ball Hockey


Learn to Play Sports Days

Summer Active Day Camp

Western Valley Games

Winter Recreation

Quick Links

Western Valley

P.R.O. Kids 

Winter brings lots of activities to keep residents of any age busy:

Learn to Skate

Public Skating



Snow Blast (winter carnival)

Senior Recreation

The Town organizes a recreation program for Seniors throughout the year, which includes:

Senior Bowling

Senior Cards

Senior Curling

Active Outdoor Activities

Western Valley Senior Games

Golden Horizons Program – wellness clinics


We have upgraded to a registration and booking software! EZFacility makes signing up yourself or your child seamless and efficient. Please click on their logo to create an account or log in to see registration and what programs can be registered for at this time.

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