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General Operating Budget 2023
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The municipal property tax rates for 2023 have increased.  These rate increases were decided by the provincial government.  The provincial government divided the new municipality of Carleton North into 9 property taxation subunits and established the 2023 property tax rates in each of the subunits listed below. 


Aberdeen / Kent:                $0.8535      $0.0935 increase           12.3%       increase

Bath                                     $1.4597      $0.0302 increase            2.1%        increase 

Centreville                          $1.4941       $0.0645 increase           4.51%       increase 

Florenceville-Bristol         $1.2903       $0.0004 increase           0.0003%   increase

Glassville                            $0.9432       $0.0941 increase          11.08%      increase

Lakeville                             $0.7549       $0.0704 increase           10.28%     increase

Peel/Simonds/Wicklow    $0.6119       $0.0819 increase           15.45%     increase 

Upper Kent                         $1.0723       $0.0828 increase             8.36%     increase

Wilmot                                $0.6855       $0.0861 increase            14.36%    increase


In addition to these rates, the province will also charge property owners 41.15¢ for the transportation services they are providing in the former Local Service Districts, which has previously been broken out on property tax bills. This provincial residential rate is unchanged from 2022

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Utility Operating Budget 2023
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