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Meet the Council of the
District of Carleton North 

Following the Municipal Election held on November 28th, 2022 the following individuals were elected as members of the District of Carleton North Council, taking effect January 1st, 2023. 

Andrew Harvey.jpg

Andrew Harvey




Karen Hargrove

Deputy Mayor


Laurel Bradstreet 

Councillor At Large

Mike .jpg

Michael Stewart

Councillor of  Ward 1


Chala Watson

Councillor of Ward 2

Scott Oakes.jpg

Scott Oakes 

Councillor of Ward 3

Ray 2_edited_edited.png

Ray Haines

Councillor of Ward 4


Angel Connor

Councillor of Ward 5

Committees of Council 

At the January 24th Council Meeting, Council and Mayor Harvey have created several committees in order to address various services and priorities throughout the District of Carleton North. The 9 committees are as follows: 

Recreation & Tourism Committee

Mandate: Develop strategies around Tourism, Recreation and Culture, including Trails and facility usage.

Chair: Councillor Chala Watson

Committee Members: Councillor Ray Haines, Councillor Angel Connor

Public Safety Committee

Mandate: Develop strategies around current policing, fire protection and emergency measures.

Chair: Councillor Laurel Bradstreet

Committee Members: Councillor Michael Stewart, Councillor Scott Oakes

Policing Model Committee (Ad Hoc)

Mandate: Propose a functioning and sustainable policing model to the Public Safety Committee for the District of Carleton North

Chair: Councillor Scott Oakes

Committee Members: Jason Hickey, Mike Nixon, Kris Foster, Paula Baker, Sean Kilfoil.

Provincial Service Committee 

Mandate: Advocate for a fair level of provincial services in the District of Carleton North, including the development of a school infrastructure plan and all provincial department priorities.

Chair: Councillor Scott Oakes

Committee Members: Councillor Chala Watson, Deputy Mayor Karen Hargrove

Operations Committee 

Mandate: Develop a priority plan for provincial and municipal roads and municipal infrastructure.

Chair: Councillor Michael Stewart

Committee Members: Councillor Laurel Bradstreet, Councillor Chala Watson

Administration Committee 

Mandate: Review and develop by-laws and policies, as well as community engagement and communication strategies.

Chair: Councillor Angel Connor

Committee Members: Deputy Mayor Karen Hargrove, Councillor Laurel Bradstreet

Economic Development Committee 

Mandate: Develop economic growth strategies through consultation with businesses and community organizations to grow the local economy.

Chair: Councillor Ray Haines

Committee Members: Councillor Angel Connor, Councillor Michael Stewart

Finance Committee

Mandate: Make recommendations to Council on General and Utility Capital and Operating Budget considerations.

Chair: Deputy Mayor Karen Hargrove

Council Members: Councillor Scott Oakes, Councillor Ray Haines

Andrew & Laura McCain Library Board

Council Representative: Deputy Mayor Karen Hargrove

Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery Board

Council Representative: Councillor Laurel Bradstreet

Council Meetings

The District of Carleton North Town Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at the Town Office located at 19 Station Road in Florenceville-Bristol. The next Regular Council Meeting is MONDAY February 13th at 7 p.m. 

The public is always welcome to attend, but should contact Michelle Derrah in advance at 392-6763 ext 200 to ensure there is adequate seating.

If anyone would like to address Council at a meeting, please contact Michelle Derrah at 392-6763 ext 200 at least one week in advance to be added to the agenda.

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