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Facilitator Reports

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Contact Us with Questions about Municipal Reform

The Transition Facilitator for Entity 76 will be producing reports periodically to give updates on the status of the Municipal Reform process in our area, and to address questions that are frequently coming up.

  • Facilitator Report #1: February 22 - Council composition and CAO selection process

  • Facilitator Report #2: March 7 - Clarification on property tax rates and by-laws

  • Facilitator Report #3: April 1 - Background on Council composition, CAO process, Updated Community populations from 2021 Census, Municipality Type process

  • Facilitator Report #4:  May 13 - the results of Municipal Type and Name and lay out the path for developing the 2023 budget for the new entity.

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Any questions that are not answered on the Province’s page, can be submitted through the Contact Us section below.  We will share answers on Social Media pages and through Florenceville-Bristol’s Notification System as clarification becomes available.

November 2021 GNB Questions & Answers

April 2022 GNB Questions & Answers

The Province released its plan for the Municipal Reform in November 2021, referred to as their White Paper.  We’ve created a document that answers some of the common questions we’re being asked:

  • Where are the new boundaries?

  • What stays the same?

  • What changes?

Click HERE for answers to these topics, and more.

Municipal Reform
Entity 76
Name Your New Municipality

The votes are in!!  Over half of respondents voted for Carleton North for the community name, and District was chosen by the Advisory Committee for the descriptor.  Therefore, the District of Carleton North has been submitted to the province for consideration for Entity 76’s new name.  Thank you to those who participated in naming our new municipality!

Council Composition
  • 1 Mayor elected at large (nominees can be from any of the Wards)

  • 7 Councillors

    • 1 Councillor for each Ward (5)

    • 2 Councillors at large (nominees can be from any of the Wards)

  • 5 Wards (Ward boundaries and maps are being finalized)

Municipal and Ward Boundaries

The Ward Map is available below.  The new municipality will be divided up into 5 Wards.  Click the maps to view the high resolution version, so you can zoom in to find your property.


A Rural Community is an incorporated body of LSD’s and municipalities with an elected mayor and council.  There are many reasons to want a Rural Community, such as:

  • If you value rural living and want to protect it

  • The status quo for communities is not sustainable

  • To create our own path and control decisions for our future

  • To strengthen local representation


The Local Service District (LSD) of Aberdeen, Glassville, Kent, Upper Kent, Wicklow, Wilmot, Lakeville, Peel, Simonds, and the Councils of the Town of Florenceville-Bristol and the Villages of Bath and Centreville have expressed interest in conducting an initial assessment with the assistance of the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government to determine the public interest and feasibility of creating its own Rural Community to provide local services.

Why a Rural Community?

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"Alone we can do so little,  together we can do so much."

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